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Sam Darnold

University of Southern California, QB (Redshirt Sophomore)


Sam Darnold's SPARQ web is by no means incredibly impressive, but he's also by no means being drafted as an athlete. He has prototypical quarterback height and a good stature that can provide him with relative health for years to come. Darnold has produced as an elite level, as shown with the chart, where every quarterback who achieved such stats in a power 5 conference became a franchise cornerstone, albeit one, who's career success is unknown because he struggled to stay out of off-field trouble. Darnold is athletic enough to get out of the pocket and make plays with his legs if need be, but rarely will you see him take off with the ball for a big gain. His production is very impressive across the board, and even though he had an average at best TD to interception ratio, he makes up for it by torching defences for the entirety of games, and with elite traits that show up on tape. 


Prototypical quarterback height and weight

Above average arm strength

Ball placement is near elite level

Reads plays at a high level

Draws defences away from his hot routes

Has the necessary leadership skills to be a franchise centerpiece

Possesses the clutch gene


Slow release allows for defensive backs to break on the ball

Turnovers slowed down, but still major concern

Pocket awareness is lacking

Slightly over-aggressive on plays where the pocket breaks down