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After working on a 7 round mock draft and big board for the 2018 draft for personal enjoyment, I decided to share my work and opinions online. After starting up my website late in the 2018 draft process, I began with write-ups on team draft plans and first round decisions. My plan has always been to expand my database for this upcoming draft, and the plan is still to have 300+ players in my database, with grading and player profiles for each of them. I am a freelance football writer for SuperStanSports, Last Word on Sports and a draft analyst for Snack Time Fantasy. I am always open to new writing opportunities and marketing exposure and I would love to discuss any opportunities or anything football on either of my Twitter accounts @NFLDraftProSite or @LWOSMaxFreedman.

A little bit about my personal life; I am a sophomore majoring in Kineiology at The University of Western Ontario. I'm a fan of Michigan State football and basketball. This allows tons of exposure to the B1G but I make sure to watch as many games around the nation as possible. Living in Canada, my favourite NFL team was up for grabs, and the Texans took the crown because of a friend of mine who loves football as well and wouldn't stop talking about them until I joined the fandom. Wide receivers and linebackers are my favourite studies, but my best positional scouting group will become clear within a few years when all these prospects get drafted.