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I have had a love for the NFL draft and for years now I had constantly made first round mock drafts. This year though I took it to another level and made several versions of a seven round mock draft. I am a freshman in Kinesiology at Western University in London, Ontario. I am a big Michigan State fan, meaning I have lots of exposure to the B1G and I am also Houston Texans fan. This website's construction began in early April, and therefore only has a certain amount of information, although the plan for the 2019 draft is to have player profiles highlighting pros, cons, and athleticism and production comparisons and matches, with a sample page done on Sam Darnold this season. Anywhere you see Sam Darnold's name just go ahead and click to be redirected to the sample player profiles. Lots of effort has been put into creating a clean template that can be used to efficiently present draft thoughts to my audience. I watch tons of college football and have watched tape on many players for the upcoming draft, and for the 2019 draft, I expect to have player profiles of 300+ prospects as well. The best is yet to come and the information will continue to flow through the website and through the twitter account @nfldraftprosite.

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